Hosted PBX & Dialer

Hosted by the FutureCall PBX Data Centre. We completely replace the traditional, hardware-based PBX. Eliminating the need for physical on-site PBX hardware and as a result, reducing risk and optimising growth.

Free Branch-to-Branch Calls

Have multiple offices across the country or world? FutureCall branch unifies and connects your business to one global business network, consequently allowing unlimited free branch-to-branch calls.

Call Center Software

Fully integrated and endorsed by industry leading FutureSoft Excalibur Collection Systems. All call campaigns, activity and recordings can be accessed via the Excalibur front end.

Office continuity

With a cloud PBX we set up layers of redundancy to suit your disaster recovery strategy. That way we create hassle-free failover and minimize downtime in your office communications during those unforeseen circumstances.

Call Recording

Whether you need to record calls for staff training, debit-order mandates, compliance or security reasons, our FutureCall Recording Logger will ensure that are ready when you need them.

Transfer to Voicemail

Voicemail services available.

You’ve got questions, FutureCall has the answers :

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‘FutureCall is fully endorsed and approved by Futuresoft and integrated into the Excalibur Debt Collection Management Systems. This means that you can perform your key operational functions right from Excalibur. ‘Whether you want to build call campaigns, or have your users click-and-dial,  create call queues, create new extensions, or even listen to a previous call that is automatically saved on the call note. You can do it all from Excalibur.

Does your manager want to have full control over her agents? Be able to listen in on calls, transfer, whisper to an agent, take over a call or transfer a call for any agent? We have you covered by the FutureCall Operations Panel.

So your PBX is virtual, but ho do you make calls?

A reliable and cost-effective telephony system is one of the pillars of a successful business. Unfortunately, South Africa is dependent on one major company when it comes to telephone lines which leads to higher prices and frustrating service. This issue is mainly a result of lack of competition in the market. Enter VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). VoIP does exactly as the name implies – it sends voice data over your Internet connection as opposed to traditional analogue telephone lines. Finally, the freedom to choose.

The FutureCall Operations Panel lets you see detailed global PBX activity, from who is talking to whom, call durations, held calls, queued calls, and so much more. Take full control of your phone and perform transfers, listen in on calls and whisper, monitor queue activity, and more. The system is online with no software installation required, enabling you to see exactly what is going on at any time, from anywhere.

How FOP can help you:

For receptionists:

  • See who is available to take calls.
  • Transfer directly to destination extension, voicemail or external numbers.
  • Pick up any ringing phones.
  • Manage and visualise parked calls.
  • Realtime search and filter of extensions.

For call center supervisors:

  • See agents logged into a queue.
  • View agent status (Paused, Logged Off, Invalid)
  • See all calls waiting on the queue with a timer.
  • Manage agents – Add, remove or pause queue members.
  • Filter extension list to only queue members with one click.
  • Spy on or whisper to your agents.
  • Initiate call recording to disk.

For end users:

  • Call notifications (callerID number and name, call from queue).
  • Directory integration, live search or dial to any typed number.
  • Tel support: just type the .tel domain and you will get the phone number or direct VoIP dial.
  • Call control: transfer out, hang up, pickup, etc.
  • Conference Control: lock, invite, kick & mute, talk detection.
  • Presence: set and visualize your presence status.

Record all your calls, all the time!

FutureCall CDR: Call Detail Records

Whether you need to record calls for SLA compliance, staff training, debit-order mandates or security reasons. The FutureCall Recording Logger gives you the ability to review all your call information, including Download Recordings, Call Dates,  Caller ID, Call Duration, and more..

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FutureCall Operations Panel

The FOP panel lets you see detailed PBX activity, from who is talking to whom, call duration, held calls, queued calls, and so much more

Features for Call Center Managers

Take full control of your call center!


Listen in on a live call for QA or Audit purposes

Blind Transfer

Initiate a call transfer to any extension in your call centre

Supervised Transfer

Supervise a transfer to any agent to ensure it runs smooth.


Talk to your agent while on the call without the other party hearing.

Remote Answer

Answer a call for any extension if it rings too long

Remote Dial

Dial a number on behalf of an agent.

Call Recording

Whether you need to record calls for staff training, debit-order mandates, compliance or security reasons, our FutureCall Recording Logger will ensure that your recordings are ready when you need them.


Have the ability to Hang-up a call for any agent

Company Starter


per user/per month

Subscription breakdown

  • User license 0-20
  • SMB PABX Hosting

Unlimited Plus


per user/per month

Subscription breakdown

  • User license 50+
  • Enterprise PBX Hosting
  • High Call Volume Global Packge
  • Enterprise backup
  • Free System Setup

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